The Best Mixes and Don’ts with Spanish Fly

The best drinks with which mix Spanish Fly

What is Spanish Fly Pro?

Spanish Fly Pro is a supplement for women which help boosting Libido levels, in other words it is a sexual enhancer for women. Loss of libido cause “low sex drive”, Spanish Fly can be used as a supplement to enhance the sex drive [1], unlike the most of its rivals Spanish Fly can be mixed with several drinks for more fun.

Spanish Fly Pro is a 100% natural dietary supplement that can help you to enhance the sexual desire and arousal in women. It can effectively increase the sex drive to a great extent so that women can achieve orgasms easily [2]. It is especially designed for the women who suffer from low libido. Low libido and low sex drive is a common problem, nowadays, due to intense and hectic work schedule. Often due to lack of sleep and rest, libido decreases. This can cause a huge problem in the relationship. With this dietary supplement, a woman can instantly feel an increase in the arousal level.

It is quite easy to use and act super-fast. Here are some of the things you must know about supplement:

  • It is approved by FDA and hence safe to useIt doesn’t need a prescription from any health specialist for consumption
  • Only 5 drops of this supplement is enough for the boostIt can be used with drinks to lift your mood and body
  • It is not at all addictive in natureIt is made up of herbal ingredients so there is no side effects
  • Can be used with drinks and beverages to amuse your mood
  • Made using ingredients which are edible and absolutely safe to consume
  • Works on all women of any age
  • Non addictive
  • Can be used on a daily basis
  • No known side effects

Spanish Fly with Champagne
Our rating:

Champagne always boosts the fun and party mood, imagine Spanish Fly with the so much fun and energetic mood, it is yet another experience that was absolutely mind blowing, since Spanish Fly doesn’t tend to change the taste, color or aromatic feel of the champagne, you’ll never get the feeling like you’re adding a supplement purposely.

Things will start moving towards the obvious thing very casually, Champagne is basically a great drink which is good for the health of your heart, it reduces the risk of heart diseases in long term, but should maintain very moderate consumption. It is a good drink for circulation, especially if you are a person who doesn’t involve in much physical activity then your circulation likely to be low, champagne mixed with Spanish Fly Pro can actually help you boost libido along with circulation.

Comment from Thomas

In our circle we are the best couple in terms of caring and loving each other, we party hard, we spend time together whenever possible, but our sexual life was not that exciting as I wanted it to be, many a times my wife would disagree for sex, she lost interest for sex those days.

After started using Spanish Fly, she seems to be more happy and energetic, showing interest in cuddling and lovemaking, the intensity and pleasure is great after using Spanish Fly, most our nights after partying were fun, now we enjoy our life to the fullest.

Thomas, 38y

Spanish Fly with Red Wine
Our rating:

We got a testimonial from Mr. John Henry, who is living happily than never before.

“I am writing this testimonial because I got what I expected from Spanish Fly Pro. Merlot is one of the best Red wine, I used to have few drink now and then, the subtle grape taste and dense aroma always impressed me. It was the day when me and my wife were spending our personal time for each other.

We thought of having Merlot, I always keep a bottle or two in my rack, after two drinks i mixed 5 drops of Spanish Fly to Merlot drink as mentioned in the instruction. Spanish Fly is yellow in color and tastes like grapefruit, when mixed with red wine the color, aroma or taste of the wine didn’t changed, it tasted and felt just like our first sip and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

It took about 8 to 10 mins to feel the effect of Spanish Fly, our senses and body started getting warmer, the dim lights and cold weather was a booster for the mood, we got in to the action and felt the increased sex drive with my wife and with myself to an extent, after few more minutes we both started getting more horny and it was like never before action, we enjoyed each moment of intensifying sex drive.”

Comment from John

Spanish Fly Pro has actually improved the intensity of the sex, orgasms were lasting and great.

John Henry, 41y

Spanish Fly with White Wine
Our rating:

Spanish Fly can become the game changer for many couples out there who don’t know why their sexual life doesn’t excite them any more. Loss of libido is not just another disease, it’s just a condition where the lack of sex drive [3] becomes the obvious effect, When Spanish Fly is mixed with White wine the benefits are humongous,

White wine has lot of health benefits, when you drink white wine the risk of stroke comes down, it can lower your cholesterol to a great extent, it helps increasing the bone density, bone related problems are common among women,

White wine with Spanish Fly helps you reap the common health benefits of white wine and also to increase the libido level, thus you will start enjoying your sex life totally.

Comment from Jacob

I am a techie, I used to spend most of my times with my laptop, I got married about 4 years back, my wife is also a software developer and we share the common hurdles of the work pressure, we always have one or two drink of white wine at nights which we both like a lot. Though we used to be busy in our works, whenever we hit the bed, I would want her badly but to the contrary she lost the desire and hardly accepts sex.

Just like everyone I tried finding the reason for her lack of sex desire, while browsing through the internet I understood loss of libido could be the problem, I came across many products and found Spanish Fly Pro way better than the others, since it can be mixed with the drink my wife tried it with white wine. There started our roller coaster, I love my wife and I love Spanish Fly.

Jacob, 28y
New Jersey

Spanish Fly with Margarita
Our rating:

Margarita brings you several benefits. It helps in losing weight, lowering cholesterol, strengthening your intestines, lessens the chance of colon cancer, and reduces the chance of getting diabetes. Of course, it is important to note that you should consume the beverage in moderation. If the limit exceeds it may lead to health consequences. Mix Spanish Fly Pro with margarita, which the main ingredient is tequila.

Tequila is a good tonic for your digestive system. It makes easy for you to digest fat. Thus, you will get the positive effects of tequila as well. Make sure you use homemade margaritas, which are healthy.

Comment from Julia

Gluten free, digesstif, and rich in vitamin C, margaritas will make a good sort of beverage. Mixing just five drops of Swish fly makes me get ready. It breaks all the obstacles to my lovemaking with my man. Thanks to Swish Fly Pro.

Julia, 28y
Kiruna, Sweden

Spanish Fly with Tequila
Our rating:

Tequila brings multiple benefits including aiding you in losing weight, strengthening bones. If you are undergoing physical training the best thing is to drink a potion of tequila after each workout. It is also good for getting a good amount of quality sleep. Tequila is a better and healthier beverage as compared to alcoholic and cocktail drinks.

The most important quality of pure tequila is it has a very low concentration of sugar. It aids in controlling the bold sugar and therefore good for people with type 2 diabetes. Tequila is the best beverage for using Spanish Fly Pro.

Comment from David

My job involves extensive travelling. I often stay out of the home. I miss my wife and kid. When I am home, my wife Olivia feels no excitement, when I really want her. Even though I try to ask, she refuses – says she is not interested. Looks everything in her fine. I was thinking of visiting a doctor to find a good solution to the problem.

Though Olivia did not like lovemaking, we had a good mutual relationship. I read about Spanish Fly Pro on the Internet and placed the order. As Olivia loves to a lot to drink tequila, she mix it with the drink. The food supplement is working really good. We both are happy.

David Muse, 32y
Stamford, England

Spanish Fly with Vodka
Our rating:

Vodka is yet another best beverage for health. And, when it comes to enjoying a happy moment, the most preferred alcoholic beverage is vodka for sure. It brings you great therapeutic benefits. It is a great tonic that you can use externally in the skin for all ailments. You can use it as an astringent. When you apply on the scalp, it can clean up the jammed pores. It removes toxins from hair and gets rid of dandruff and helps in healthy growth of hair. Just one shot each day will obviate the need to visit a doctor.

An effective antitoxin, disinfectant, stress buster, good average for general health, an aid in digestion, vodka can be a great beverage to use when you are using Spanish Fly Pro. It will start working within five to ten mints.

Adding Spanish Fly Pro will bring you the real enjoyment – by adding the extra energy to enjoy lovemaking.

Comment from Paul

For the past few months, my wife Anie was not willing to come to me. It really shocked me and wondered what went wrong. I love her a lot. She also loves me a lot. But when it is bedtime, she’s nowhere near me. We cannot lie in spoon pose. After nearly about three months, I told her bout Swish fly pro. But she didn’t believe it.

Initially I mixed in vodka – her passionate beverage. And, I was shocked to see the results. Later I explained to her what happened. Today, we’re a happy couple.

Paul, 33y
Colmar, France

Spanish Fly with Rum
Our rating:

When it comes to drinking at a small party, rum is the choice among other beverages. Rum is known for name traditionally as a healthy beverage [4]. It is good or heart, good for muscles good a nutrition, and is good medicinal values. Mixing just five drops of Spanish Fly Pro will make a great. It will start working within minutes.

And when Coke is added to rum, it will make the drink effective. However, it is not advisable, because it may make your drunk heavily. You may not enjoy the real thrill of the Spanish Fly Pro. For best results, add two ounces of rum four ounces of Coke.

Comment from Emilia

Though young, I was not passionate t enjoy life. I stay with my husband, who is an executive in a company. I have a three-year old kid boy Goldie. As my husband was busy he didn’t mind when I was not in a mood to enjoy. When I started using Spanish Fly Pro with rum the result was extraordinary. Got superb orgasm. Enjoy a lot

Emilia, 30y
Bamberg, Germary

Spanish Fly with Long Island Ice Tea
Our rating:

A Long Island Iced Tea is a mix of all – tequila, rum, vodka, gin, cola, and more. Note that the beverage has high-calorie content. Just an 8.3-ounce cup of the beverage will load you with 276 calories. Really heavy. However, it doesn’t contain any dietary fat.

The fact is that it contains a high amount of alcohol which is a calorie concentrate. It also contains carbohydrates. It gratifies your belly. So, use it in a balanced manner. Add some five-six drops of Spanish Fly Pro and consume it.

We discussed here diverse alcohol beverages to use with Spanish Fly Pro. It is good to use while you wish to use Spanish Fly Pro. The alcohol in each beverage will help you for sure. It will dismantle all the mental and psychological inhibitions that come in the way your wish enjoy your time. Alcohol will help you get a more sexual response. Alcohol is likely to boost the effect of testosterone in women [5] and this is likely to lead to better performance at sex.

Comment from Liam

I and my wife Lucie like long island ice tea. My wife is so passionate that she likes the home made one. We enjoy just once a month. I find Lucie less engaged when we’re making love. Not sure what happened. Initially, when saw an Interest ad on Swish fly pro, I thought it’s big hoax. Two weeks later I bought it after making a second though and I secretly mixed it with Lucie’s drink. The result was unbelievable.

Liam, 31y
Durbuy, Belgium

Spanish Fly with Soda
Our rating:

Sodas like Coke, Fanta, Lemonade and other soft drinks can be really refreshing and energising. But when it comes to mixing the supplement into the soda, this is definitely not the first choice. It is not as good as you may enjoy mixing with Red Wine or Champagne. They can really boost the mood and uplift your spirit instantly. Soda has too much of sugar content which can make have a negative impact on your body too.

Though it doesn’t taste as good or refreshing like champagne and red wine, you consider this if you want to avoid alcoholic drinks. But make sure the coke or lemondade is chilled. This supplement works best when the drink is cold. But in the long run soft drinks can make fat. Even some of the contents in the soft drinks can make your bone weak. So, it is better to avoid having the supplement with this drink.

Comment from James

We were often termed as the best couple by our family and friends. Though we are quite into each other, I must admit that our sex life was not that happening. Because of a hectic work schedule and then doing household chores, she gets too much exhausted. This has affected our sexual life to a great extent. Often she refused to have a sexual intimacy. Gradually, she was losing all her interest in having sex. But after using Spanish Fly Pro, it has drastically changed the way she responds to sexual intimacy. Now, she is very energetic and fond of lovemaking and cuddling. The fun is different now and it has made our relationship even stronger and better.

James, 36y
Dallas, USA

Spanish Fly with Regular Water
Our rating:

Mixing with the regular water can be another option if you are not into alcoholic drinks and want to have a healthier or neutral option. But that is an average one as it will not provide you with the comfort or taste. Since the supplement is made up of herbs it has a very bland taste and a mild herbal smell. Hence when you are having with the regular water, it can be really tasteless.

You can definitely have this for just the sake of having the supplement. But this will not help you to take the sip with pleasure and will not uplift your mood at all. Hence, this is an average option where you will definitely not find the right taste. It will feel like you are consuming some medicine.

Comment from Maria

I am a working lady and I am in my 40s. Though my husband is quite energetic and full of life, I suffer from exhaustion and fatigue. This has a great impact on our sexual relationship. Due to low libido, I started losing my interest in having sex. I often used to given an excuse just to avoid sex. I could sense that my husband was drifting away from me due to this problem. As much as I was helpless, this was leading me to a depressing state of mind. One day when I discussed this problem with one of my friends, she recommended me to have Spanish Fly Pro. It has helped me a lot and I can feel that the spark is back into our relationship again.

Maria, 43y
San José, USA

Spanish Fly with Hot Beverages
Our rating:

Teaming up this supplement with hot beverages like tea or coffee is a very bad idea. It not only tastes horrible but also it will not work as it should. You must know that using the supplement in any hot drinks, especially in hot coffee can make the potential of this supplement weak. Since it is made up of herbs, most of the herbal benefits get killed by the hot water. Surely, you will not want this at all. You will definitely want to get the best result when you are buying this supplement for increasing or enhancing the libido [6].

Comment from Adriana

I used to think that my problem is quite rare as I was not able to make my partner happy and satisfied. He was always making some effort to impress me and to make me happy. But I drastically failed to satisfy him due to my low libido problem. I often used to refuse to have sex after each and every hectic day. I genuinely felt something is wrong and discussed with my friend, who happens to be a nutritionist too. She suggested me this herbal supplement named Spanish Fly Pro. I must say that it had done a wonderful job. I can feel the improved libido.

Adriana, 34y
Houston, USA


Loss of libido can be quite embarrassing. It can make your relationship with your partner weak too. So, you need to make sure that you treat this problem with lots of care. The Spanish Fly Pro will help you to enhance the sexual desire and get a much better sex drive. This is a great supplement made up of 100% natural ingredients and herbs which can be really great for your overall health.

Loss of libido and “Low sexual drive” [8] are not disease, your favorite drink mixed with Spanish Fly Pro can help improve the loss of libido and enhance your partner’s sexual desire [7]. In a way you’ll have moderate drinks once in a while which will help you maintain the health of your heart, help you reduce risks of stroke and other common diseases, plus drink mixed with Spanish Fly totally banish your sexual problems. Stay healthy. Stay Happy! All the best.